Four More Shots Please! : An Amazon Prime Original About Modern Indian Women

By Ritika Tiwari | Published on 13 February 2019

Four More Shots Please! is an Amazon Prime Original show featuring four unapologetically modern Indian women anchored by strong friendships as they navigate through their relationships, work-life conflicts, and ambitions in urban Mumbai.

The show is a 10-part romance dramedy and its ensemble cast includes Sayani Gupta, Bani J, Kirti Kulhari, and Maanvi Gagroo.

Four More Shots Please Poster

Kirti plays the role of a single mother, Anjana, who hasn’t been able to get back into the dating game since her divorce. Sayani has taken over the character of Damini, who is a highly ambitious woman juggling between her desire to be a true journalist and make money from her website through clickbait.

Siddhi, played by Maanvi, has a hard time dealing with her overcritical mother who only wants her daughter to get married. Finally, Bani’s character, Umang, who is a gym instructor and a proud bisexual.

All the women meet up every Friday night to discuss their life’s problems over drinks. Prateik Babbar plays Jeh, a charming bartender at the Truck Bar which is the usual hangout place for the women. Milind Soman also makes an appearance as Damini’s gynaecologist. Lisa Ray can be seen in the show playing the role of Samara Kapoor, a Bollywood starlet.

The show is produced by Rangita Pritish Nandy, the story is developed by Ishita Moitra and Devika Bhagat, and Anu Menon has directed the show.

A clearly female-driven show, Four More Shots Please! is the first Hindi show by Amazon Prime Originals which features female protagonists. It isn’t about women fighting against men. It’s about women trying to navigate their own lives.

Any show about four women drinking and talking openly about sex is compared to the iconic Sex and The City, and Four More Shots Please! is no exception. But even if this show is inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s life and her friends, it still has an inherent Indianness to it which makes the characters incredibly relatable.

While we have seen many movies featuring strong male friendships including Dil Chahta Hai and Three Idiots, there have hardly been any movies or shows that put female friendships as the main focus. Instead, women were portrayed as damsels in distress or worse, they were pitted against each other.

But we live in changing times where women aren’t afraid to express their true opinions and they want to support other women and help each other get ahead in this traditionally patriarchal society. Four More Shots Please! is trying to depict the modern Indian women navigating through the new world.  

The show carries powerful and empowering messages of single motherhood, bisexuality, and body positivity which are rarely seen on the big screen in India, and that is exactly what makes this show a must-watch.


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