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How does Cinebee work?

It's simple
CineBee is a crowdsourced movie review mobile app that makes
it really easy for users(you) to post and read reviews on the latest
Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam movies. CineBee uses
machine-learning to understand each review and creates a "Tribe"
from friend and strangers with similar tastes in movies. This
personalized Tribe will give you an honest,'merawallah'
recommendations in under 5 seconds(it's that fast!).Create your
personalized movie recommendations

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About Us

Kumar Ramachandran
Co-Founder & CEO

Kumar Ramachandran is a serial entrepreneur and a forward-thinking business strategist, who has led several start-ups to pre-IPO stage using his expertise in operations, technology, product engineering and marketing.

Ajay Reddy
Co-Founder & COO

Ajay Reddy hails from a business family who were one of the pioneers in multi-storied commercial building construction in Bangalore during the 1970s, exposing him to business from an early age. Ajay is a proven serial entrepreneur with a visionary view and ability to identify new business prospects that are original and bound for success.

Salil Agarwal
Software Architect

Salil is a forward-looking technologist and expert on Cloud computing. An Applied Geophysicist from the Indian School of Mines, he is currently engaged in unearthing gems from movie data mines.

Inside the Bee

Client's feedback

Simply loved it. It's so user friendly! And it's quick functionality adds extra charm. Now we can review films with this simple yet extra ordinary app. Great idea by app curator! Go go go.

Menakshi Guha - User

Friends and me are symbiotically connected around movies with CineBee. I love the movie tribes and swiping my reviews. Good work.

Arun Jain - User

I did not know I watched so many in my life -- reviews are very addictive and the movie catalog is extensive.

Deepthi Bhatnagar - User

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  • What is CineBee?
    CineBee is an Indian movie review APP that is available for download on iPhones and Android phones. Presently, CineBee is available only for Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies. Future plans include adding other Indian languages.
  • How is CineBee different from other movie related sites and APPs?
    For starters, CineBee is all about movie reviews. That’s the core offering. CineBee’s APP is designed where a user can provide reviews in 10 secs or less. CineBee users can also see how their friends have reviewed a specific movie. CineBee’s review is all graphical and silly easy to process. CineBee also has relevant trailers, news and short-films that are personalized to your movie taste.
  • How does CineBee review lead to better movie recommendations?
    Every movie review is analyzed by CineBee’s machine learning algorithms to understand a user’s movie likes and dislikes. The APP’s review input includes not just an overall score but also scores for movie elements such as genre (Action, Comedy Family Drama, Suspense etc), besides Likes and scores for the the film cast. With the deeper understanding of your interest in a particular genre, CineBee is able to recommend similar other movies with computing and data analysis. The more the movies you and your friends review, the more reliable would be the recommendations you get for a movie.
  • What is a Tribe?
    Tribes are communities of users. CineBee’s Tribe are users who have similar movie interest as you. Tribes get established based on millions of user’s movie reviews and correlating their interest alignment across a large set of movies. Tribe’s could include your close friends, your friends or total strangers who think and have affinity to similar movies.
  • Why is CineBee APP asking for mobile number during registration?
    CineBee uses your mobile number as your user-name. The APP does not require you to remember yet another user-name/password. CineBee sends a 4 digit short-code to the registered mobile number and once you confirm it, you don't have to remember a thing. CineBee is a ZERO SPAM APP. We will only use your mobile number instead of user-name and to inform you if a friend joined your Tribe.
  • What are CineBee Movie Vouchers?
    These are deeply discounted vouchers that can be exchanged for movie tickets and/or food and beverage at the movie theatres. CineBee vouchers can be redeemed at the box-office/ticket booth or at the movie theatre web-site. CineBee vouchers will be available for Indian movie fans across the globe. In India, we have partnered with INOX Movie chain to offer these vouchers and our Indian movie-buffs can enjoy movies at a deep discount across all the INOX locations in India. Please use the APP to find out about CineBee vouchers across the globe
  • How can I edit my published review?
    CineBee does not allow edits to a published review. There is something special about the first reaction to a movie. It is golden.
  • How can a Tribe help with movie review?
    A tribe is nothing but a sample. Bigger the sample size, better the outcome. CineBee believes Tribe can enhance movie recommendation and eliminate the natural human bias that is often present when you rely on a small section of reviewers (3-4) . CineBee attempts to create these tribes using machine-learning across millions of movie watchers and mining information from 100s of millions of reviews in its database. Tribes are the foundation of our movie recommendations. Users who belong to the same tribe have very similar movies interests. Every tribe member’s review (positive or negative) gets fed into the system to become part of a recommendation for the rest of the tribe. Bigger the tribe, more accurate would be the recommendation, and lesser would the element of bias.
  • Why should I review all the movies that I have watched?
    It is very important for CineBee to know both the movies you liked and the movies you disliked. If CineBee has the list of movies you have already watched, the APP’s recommendation will exclude those movies and provide you a very useful watch list.
  • Why should I share my Age,Sex and Contacts with CineBee?
    First of all, these are all optional field during registration. But, if you choose to provide, these additional demos, it will drive better movie discoverability. CineBee is a ZERO SPAM APP. CineBee will only use this information for better recommendations. To access our privacy policy, click here.
  • Why do I need to provide a mobile number to use CineBee?
    CineBee is designed so you don’t need to remember a username and password. The APP takes your mobile no to send you a 4 digit token and once the token is registered with the APP, it auto-logins automatically. For some reason, you changed your mobile no, you can send us the new/old mobile nos via the Feedback menu and we will migrate all your reviews and preferences.
  • How can I share my review on scial media?
    There are a few ways to share your movie review on social media. You can click on My Reviews on the left slider and click on a movie to get the review detail screen -- and at the top right you will find a share button. You can share to one or more social channels based on what you have setup on your phone. If you can entice your friends to provide reviews for the same movies, CineBee will provide a tribe score and let you check your movie compatability amoung friends.
  • Can I edit my review?
    Yes, you can edit your submitted reviews. Go to My Reviews by clicking on burger menu in the app. Click on the review you want to edit and then click on fab button o edit your review.
  • Can I use CineBee on a tablet or any wi-fi connected device?
    CineBee mobile version can be downloaded and used on a tablet. If the tablet does not have a SIM or mobile no, please enter the 10 digit mobile number to receive a new 4 digit code. The code will be sent to your mobile no and you can enter that on the tablet and use the APP via the tablet. The tablet and/or your mobile phone will share the same identify and what you review on the mobile and/or tablet will be treated as the same user since the mobile no is the same..
  • Are you hiring?
    Absolutely, yes. If you are a talented engineer or designer we would want to talk to you. Check out the open positions on CineBee’s careers page.


Software Development Engineers
Bengaluru, India

CineBee is looking for talented software developers who are passionate about solving real problems -- if you happen to be a movie-buff that is a perfect tango! As an engineer on the team, you will be responsible for helping craft the future of our product - predominantly on the backend using cloud computing.

Responsibilities, Skills & Requirements

We are looking for software developers who are real problem solvers with a "can pick-up and learn any product" attitude. We use sophisticated algorithms, machine learning and massive amounts of data to provide effective movie recommendation:

  • It does not matter how many years of software development experience you have. We are looking for smart engineers who exhibit strong computer science fundamentals.
  • Experience with large scale, concurrent applications is a plus.
  • Significant experience creating web applications using a modern language/framework(Python, Ruby, Django) and NoSQL databases(Mongo DB, Google Datastore, Amazon DynamoDB or other NoSQL databases).
  • Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform or any other cloud computing platform(AWS, Microsoft Azure) will be a plus.
  • Significant experience working with RESTful web services.


Pricing & Refund

CineBee sells movie tickets, vouchers and event tickets to special shows. Typically the range of transactions on our app varies from INR 100 to INR 2000.

As per cinema policy, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed sold. It cannot be replaced or cancelled.

All tickets/ vouchers are transferable with clear supporting evidence. If a movie ticket or voucher was transferred to another person, the proof of email and/or the printed copy of the actual ticket/voucher is needed at the time of admission. If the ticket/voucher can be transferred via the CineBee APP, the evidence of transfer will be collected by presenting the APP and showing the transaction ID available in the APP.

Vouchers sold through CineBee are deeply discounted and has a fixed time-window to be exchanged for movie tickets. CineBee vouchers come in 3 months, 6 months or 1-year expiry windows. Vouchers will have to be redeemed for movie tickets within the expiry window. CineBee will not be able to extend or refund expired vouchers.