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Relax Satya Movie Rating Is 60/100 Based On Reviews Submitted By 1 Users.

Relax Satya

Rating: 60/100 | Total Reviews: 1
Release Date: 15 November 2019 | Language: Kannada
Directed by Naveen Reddy


Sathya and Das have cooked up the seemingly perfect crime. The two kidnap Maya, the daughter of a rich man, to demand an exorbitant ransom. Das is fearless — he plans and executes the kidnapping with no remorse. Sathya is his meek, goofy second-hand who seems sympathetic to the woes of the victim. With Maya kidnapped and the call being made for the ransom, the plan appears to be working — but is all as it seems?

Relax Satya
1 Reviews
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Ugramm Manju
Prabhu Mundukar
Manvitha Harish
Kaddipudi Chandru

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