Girls Hostel EP03 | The Midnight Plan || Girliyapa Originals Rating Is 100/100 Based On Reviews Submitted By 2 Users.

Girls Hostel EP03 | The Midnight Plan || Girliyapa Originals | Watch this episode online - Free

Rating: 100/100 | Total Reviews: 2
Release Date: 05 January 2019 | Language: Hindi
Directed by None
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The SVM Dental girls all have interesting weekend plans, but they first need to deal with the hostel in-time curfew. The warden plays party pooper and thwarts Jo and Zahira’s old tricks to sneak out. So how will Richa and Mili manage to go on the late night trip with Aarav? Will Zahira and Jo keep their differences aside for the greater good? Watch this exciting escape unfold in Episode 03 of Girls Hostel! #Girliyapa #GirliyapaOriginals Find out more details on how to participate and win an ex

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